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Full Stack Web Developer

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

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My name is Egle Libby and I am a full stack developer. At the age 24 I was already managing a pharmacy in Vilnius, Lithuania, for a year, and when my husband got a job offer to work in Bangladesh, I decided to use this opportunity to finally follow my passion for web development. So I quit my job, moved to Bangladesh, and used my free time studying on my own and taking various online courses. I loved it. After I moved to the United States I wanted to fully immerse myself in developers' world and joined highly selective 12-week Viking Code School's bootcamp for learning professional software engineering. I successfully graduated and enjoyed every minute of it. I have always been a fast learner and that helped tremendously to keep up with the course. I am continuing to learn every day. I enjoy working with React and Redux on the front end, and Node.js, Express.js, PostgresSQL, and MongoDB server-side.


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Julie: Travel Planner

It is a single-page travel planning application. It takes into account your location, preferences and transportation, and helps you plan your day by giving 3 options at a time. Julie will calculate travel time and estimate the amount of time you are likely to spend at various locations through an algorithm. Built with: React and Redux, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Google API, Foursquare API.


It is a single-page project management application. It allows teams to maintain "Boards", "Lists", and "Cards", each of which represents a task that needs to be done. The app smooths the process of assigning team members to particular tasks. Built with: React and Redux, Node.js, Express.js, PostgresSQL.

Fideligard Historical Stock Simulator

A tool which allows to test the performance of historical portfolios of stocks. You can see information about stocks on your selected dates, perform trades, see all you transactions, and your portfolio for a specific day. Built with: React and Redux, Node.js, Express.js, QuandlAPI.

Stir things up

It is an app that allows you to share you recipes with other people, like each others recipes or report unfit posts. Built with: Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB.

Mimir's Market

eCommerce application completed with shopping carts and checkout. Includes admin analytics of all orders and transactions. Built with: Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, StripeAPI.

Simon Game

A version of Simon Game. You win if you get a series of 20 steps right. You can play in regular or in strict mode. Built with: JavaScript, jQuery.

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